Expansion of the Air Cargo Center at Vienna airport

On account of the growing freight volume, capacity bottlenecks are developing in various areas of air freight processing at Vienna Airport. Therefore Vienna International Airport contracted Fraunhofer Austria in cooperation with Fraunhofer IML to develop additional freight handling areas within the framework of a demand-based and multi-stage expansion.

The partners developed and evaluated several solution and process versions for expansion of the existing processing building within an approx. 16,000 m² large development area. On the basis of these versions, they also developed an integrated land and air freight traffic concept for the expanded freight area, which they verified with the aid of simulations.

Fraunhofer Austria and Fraunhofer IML took the increasing security-related requirements of the players - e.g. the dispatchers and transport companies - into consideration in the traffic concepts. Among other things, they investigated whether it is possible to secure the entire land-side area despite the large number of users and the special building and traffic infrastructure. For the air traffic area, they also used several versions as a basis to determine whether the transition to the "critical part" could be implemented effectively via a central security checkpoint on the apron side of the freight terminal in the future.

The customer is using the integrated and harmonized freight logistics concept as the basis for internal business decision making processes on the one hand, and as a guideline for the subsequent construction planning steps on the other hand.

Freight volume


Traffic concepts

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