OTD-NET - The Simulation Toolsuite for Supply Network Issues

The Order-To-Delivery-Network simulator

The Order-To-Delivery-Network simulator makes the costs, performance and ecology of planning and material flow processes from the order up to the delivery assessable.

OTD-NET has been continuously developed and used in countless studies and projects in various fields of application at the Fraunhofer IML for two decades. The focus of the simulator is the discrete production with particular focus on processes in the automotive industry. A unique feature is the detailed illustration of comprehensive planning processes. In this way handling processes can be analyzed starting from the forecast, over the specific incoming order, the scheduling and production up to the delivery to the customer. OTD-NET can be used in the scope of a weak point analysis, the evaluation of current processes and also to validate and evaluate target concepts.

© Fraunhofer IML

Fields of Application

© Fraunhofer IML
© Fraunhofer IML

The fields of application are diverse and cover the following topics amongst others:

  • Bottleneck analysis in the network
  • Warehousing strategies and dimensioning
  • Supplier strategy (e.g. BTO, BTS, JIT/JIS)
  • Production program planning
  • Customer behavior (order adaptation, lost sales, discounting)
  • Determination of customer order decoupling point (stock orders vs. customer orders)
  • Transport planning and control
  • Disposition processes in procurement and distribution
  • Cost and performance at air freight in the case of bottlenecks
  • Continuous risk simulation (loss of production, transport delays, supply bottlenecks)

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