How to find a suitable ERP system?

Many companies face this question before the start of an ERP selection.

Methodical ERP Selection

The Fraunhofer IML supports companies in the ERP selection from the analysis and optimization of business processes and the call for tender to contract negotiations with the selected ERP provider. The following project phases can be individually coordinated according to your needs during the ERP selection:

Analysis and Optimization of Business Processes

Your operational processes are analyzed within the scope of workshops. For different operating areas target-oriented solutions for existing weaknesses are determined. The solutions are documented in target processes.

Preparation of Specification Documents

Based on optimized processes system requirements are generated which are coordinated and harmonized with the agreed system boundaries. The requirements are documented in specification documents for a subsequent call for tender.

Conduction of ERP Selection

On the basis of the specification documents we conduct the ERP selection with our online portal ERP LOGISTICS. For the following call for tender the performance data and the submitted guiding price offer from the providers are compared and evaluated.

Assistance in Contract negotiations

Our team assists you in concluding contract negations with ERP providers in order to allow a smooth transition from the ERP selection into the system launch phase.


The support of operational and organizational structures with effective ERP and IT systems is an absolute necessity for most companies nowadays. The definition of individual IT strategies for companies ensure the essential flexibility for current and future requirements and are the basis for the design of an IT infrastructure.

Our experts from the competence field IT systems advice you in selecting a suitable ERP system that allows you to exploit unused potentials in your company and generate competitive advantages. Our offer in the area of ERP systems includes the selection and implementation of standardized software or individual solutions for inventory control systems and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

Our online platform ERP LOGISTICS offers you a selection tool that compares validated ERP software producer-independently.


The research field ERP systems has a great relevance in logistic because it links business processes and IT and it may be of importance for the development of IT strategies. Intensive research and the development of concepts in this field make it possible to design your ERP and IT systems and the associated IT strategy in a way that allows you to gain an advantage over your competitors and achieve added value for your customers.

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