ERP LOGISTICS: Comparison and Selection of ERP Systems

ERP Consulting and Selection


Comparison of ERP systems

A detailed performance comparison of offered ERP systems generates a high expenditure of time and money.

Therefore, we provide the online portal ERP LOGISTICS. The professional and system-neutral consultation from the Fraunhofer IML ensures that project schedules and project targets can be realized faster and more cost-effectively.

ERP Selection Online

The online portal ERP LOGISTICS gives you a qualified overview on the ERP market. You can also compare functional features of ERP systems in an objective way.

You can define your requirements profile with the use of knock-out criterias. In this way the ERP selection is individually adapted to your needs and ideas.
The ERP selection considers more than 1,400 questions.This ensures that the result matches your requirements. The process-oriented structure and the large questionnaire give you important impulses on which aspects need to be taken into account when selection an ERP system.
Our ERP selection is fast, uncomplicated and cost-effective. This leads to considerable time and cost savings in comparison to conventional selection procedures.
Our ERP market study ERP LOGISTICS is updated regularly and adjusted to the newest trends and developments. The manufacturer specifications are regularly validated by our employees.

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