Identifying and Implementing Optimization Potentials

Our team systematically analyses your business processes, the IT-systems, structures and ressources used and uncovers potentials for optimization. Based on a detailed process analysis, our experts define fields of action and generate a detailed action plan to make your processes more efficient and more digital.

We offer your company process consulting with the following key areas:

Process Analysis and Optimization

The ditigal Transformation in our society and economy progresses ceaselessly. The digital change, minted by ongoing availability of new expertise systems, products and technologies, asks for a regular adjustment and development of companies. Only those who adapts to the new social, economic and technical circumstances, is able to ensure long-term competitiveness. The environment, in which both trading and manufacturing companies are operating, has become terrifying dynamic for some people and it is difficult to catch up with all developments.

Companies are eager to become better, more efficient and therefore even more successful, even though it is often not evident which measures and projects need to be done in order to achieve these aims. In particular, it is often not quite clear, which investments should be made in company resources (employees, IT, operating resources) in order to maintain competitiveness in the long term. Objective and professional evaluation of the current state and the possible potentials are missing.

While problems in processes and sources of ineffectiveness and inefficiency are partly (often on functional area level) known in many companies, in practice there is often a lack of an overall view of all weak points in the company and in particular of innovative and effective ideas to solve these problems.

In terms of process consulting we examine your operational and structural organization, IT-systems, structures and resource down to the machine level. We have qualified and certified management consultants at our disposal who can carry out potential consulting in your company.

Within the potential analysis, we examine all relevant operational levels from management and controlling processes down to the operational logistic and shop floor level:

Actual state-analysis

  • Anaysis and visualisation of operational processes (depending on requirements in sales, purchasing, logistics, production, QM, maintenance, R&D, construction, financial accounting and human resources)
  • documentation and evaluation of optimization potentials

Target concept and plan of action

  • Development and visualisation of optimized target process
  • Development of an action plan,oriented to the task at hand and the company aims
  • Professional recommendation concerning investment decisions

IT-Strategies for Digital Transformation

Many companies are facing the question of how to derive an IT strategy for the management and control of various business areas.

The Fraunhofer IML supports you in creating an individual strategy for the IT-management, from analysis to implementation.

The need to define an IT strategy is usually triggered by the following influences:

  • Use of new technologies for the digitalization of business processes within the framework of digital transformation
  • Technical necessity for modernizing used soft- and hardware
  • Changes in company structures
  • Changes in the business model
  • Increase in data quality
  • Determination of key figures
  • Organisation of inner and outer support, e.g. through service level agreements
The Fraunhofer IML deduces individual IT-strategies in several steps:
  • Analysis and documentation of the actual situation
  • Derivation of optimization potentials
  • Definition of different ways of realization in a target concept
  • Creating of an action plan to realize the IT-strategy
  • Preparation of regular reviews to monitor the target archievement

Digitization of Machines and Installations (Retrofitting)

In the global competition it is essentially for manufacturing companies to be able to adapt production processes quickly to changing production requirements and conditions. In order to act fast, the contract management and the control systenm need to act close to real time. That requires the implementation of diverse production and machine data.

Many manufacturing facilities aren't however equipped with the necessary technology to deliver digital information to other IT systems. Here our potential consulting starts.

Based on the existing machines and systems, we create concepts for retrofitting with digital components (retrofitting), to ensure an exchange of digital data in the future. In practical terms, this means that machines that have not yet been connected to a company's digital infrastructure, are technically capable of exchanging digital information with the production network.


Potential Consulting NRW

The potential consulting supports middle-sized companies with professional consulting and with participation of employees, to

  • Detect undiscovered resources,
  • Analyze strength and weeknesses and
  • Develop strategies to strengthen the competitiveness of your company

In participation-oriented and integrated procedures we compile ways of solution, to initiate the neccessary steps of modification in your company.

In terms of content, the potential consultancy is oriented on at least one of the following key topics:

  • Work organisation
  • Skills development
  • Demographic change
  • Digitalisation
  • Health

The potential consulting is sponsored with funds of the european socialfonds (ESF) by the state Nordrhein-Westfalen since 2000. The eligibility for funding is an expert  advice from a counselling centre. You will find a counselling centre in your area under:

The advisory centre may issue an advisory cheque if the company, that is going to be mentored,:

  • Has got more than 10 and less than 250 employees
  • Is older than two years
  • Has the legal form of a natural or legal person under private law
  • Is located in residence and place of work in Nordrhein-Westfalen and has fulfilled the employer status
  • Obtains a declaration of agreement from a company interest group, if such a group exists
You can start immediately with the potential consulting if you have the consulting check.
Necessary expenses for one to ten consultation days are subsidised ar a rate of 50%, up to a maximum of EUR 500,- per consultation day.

unternehmensWert: Mensch

Demographic change, shortages due to illness or lack of younger people - personal requirements of companies are multiple and bonding of skilled employees is a cross-sector challenge. However, small and medium-sized enterprises often lack the resources, to meet these challenges.

This is where the consulting program unternehmensWert:Mensch comes in. With perfect fitting consulting services it supports small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to develop modern, employee-oriented personnel strategies. Following a successful model phase, the programme is now being offered nationwide.

Authorization is available for the following areas: leadership, knowledge and competence, uWM plus.

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