How to digitize business processes?

"Digital Design" as creation task for small and medium-sized companies

With Digital Transformation, most of the small and medium-sized companies are faced with the question of which technologies are suitable and beneficial for supporting their individual business processes and thus for managing Industrie 4.0. The Digitalization of the companies' business processes requires the implementation of interdisciplinary projects, in which organisational and technical tasks have to be solved.

A Digitalization-Project starts with the creation of a concept (design) and continues all the way from selection to their implementation, use and optimization.


Therefore the ERP-Team at Fraunhofer IML has expanded its area of expertise to include "Digital Design". This is as well noted in the new team-name "Enterprise Resource Planning & Digital Design". In cooperation with our customers, we design concrete digitization projects by accompanying the technological and organizaional transfer with the involvement of the employees in the company. This is not only limited to the benchmark and the selection of ERP-systems with the newly created portal ERP-LOGISTICS, but begins with a comprehensive potential analysis and concept creation that includes all relevant technologies (e.g. cloud, ML, KI, etc.)

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