Development of your strategy roadmap

Compact strategy: Develop a holistic strategy for your team!

The long-term success of entrepreneurial activity results from a well thought-out strategy. The workshop format "Strategy Compact" aims at the strategic alignment of your company or functional area, e.g. with regard to the supply chain or logistics strategy.

In a compact format with several workshops (at least 2 days), the core elements of a strategy, such as the mission, the values and the vision, based on the expectations of the most important stakeholders, are worked out in accordance with the Strategy Compact approach developed by the University of St. Gallen. To realize the vision, strategic goals are then formulated, and packages of measures are formed and scheduled in a logical sequence in a roadmap.

Our workshop proceeds in the following 8 phases:

At the end of the joint workshop, you receive a strategy roadmap and have a precise idea of your strategic goals and the path to achieve them. For this purpose, we identify individual bundles of measures with you, define milestones, the effort required, the sales potential as well as the persons responsible for each package of measures and put them in a logical order.

By using the workshop format and working with us, you will achieve the following potential benefits for your company:

  • Identification of relevant and prioritized stakeholders
  • Derivation of mission, vision & values
  • Determination of strategic goals and measures to achieve them
  • Embedding of the target image in the corporate strategy
Based on a stakeholder analysis (1-2), the normative framework (3-6) is defined.