The objectives of workflow management (WFM) are the structuring and acceleration of the distribution of tasks and information as well as an increase in process reliability and transparency. In particular, complex processes with multiple parallel activities to be undertaken, a large number of participants and involving a spatial distance between individual actors are made manageable by detailed and systematic work flows.

Work flow management is the intensification of process and resource management, in which a developed target process is visualized and managed in terms of the operational activities to be undertaken and the detailed time frame using appropriate tools. Fraunhofer IML designs work flow solutions individually tailored to your company based on the methodology of process chain management.

The benefits

  • The structuring and standardization of your operational procedures through a work flow increases the efficiency and traceability of your processes
  • Your employees are spared time-consuming routine work and process coordination, and information is quickly distributed to the correct recipients
  • Through a timely binding of process flows (escalation management), there is an improvement in process quality and a reduction in processing time
  • Your gain transparency about the current status of your processes

Our approach in designing a custom work flow solution

  • Process analysis and optimization
    The of Production Logistics department identifies the appropriate process flows for a WFM as part of an analysis of the current situation. If necessary, we optimize the target processes in terms of WFM support according to your target criteria, based on the process chain management developed at Fraunhofer IML.
  • Implementation support
    We guide you through the realization and parameterization of individual work flows in terms of the information required, job description and terms. In order to ensure the sustainability of the work flow management concepts in your company, we involve your employees in the project from an early stage onwards in the form of workshops and training sessions.
  • Tendering assistance
    In addition, we document the requirements for a work flow management system in a specifications document and develop an individual business case with you. Based on the business case, we review the suitability of different work flow management systems with you and recommend the provider best tailored to your needs.


We create individual and independent workflow solutions for your production