Production Supply

Supply Classes for Production Supply

Lean production starts with the provision of raw materials for processing. As part of a holistic reorganization in lean production, deployment concepts play a crucial role for production supply. Between the provision of interim storage areas for raw and semi-finished parts on the one hand, and securing the supply for production on the other, there are multiple deployment concepts depending on item characteristics.

In this, companies are once again faced with the challenge of having to make a selection from existing designs for the individual demands of production supply, taking into account the specific range of parts. The Fraunhofer IML has developed a model that summarizes the raw materials and semi-finished parts according to selected logistics criteria, and then classifies them into various supply classes.


The benefits

  • Creation of a proven framework for efficient production supply
  • Clear and understandable guidelines for the systematic classification of articles into well-known delivery designs
  • An optimal configuration between a need for interim storage area and reliable production supply

Our Approach

  • Systematic computer-aided analysis of the entire range of parts for the customer
  • Division into different supply classes, both the conventional type (central warehouse, order-related picking) as well as in delivery concepts of lean production (JIT, VMI or Kanban)
  • Development of a holistic production supply design through standardized supply processes and appropriate receptacle designs per supply class