VDI Manufacturing Execution Systems

Our contribution to the future development of production control

In order to be able to offer our customers the state of the art in software development in the future, Fraunhofer IML is actively represented in the VDI information technology department. The continual development of IT systems is driven by dialog with system vendors and software users. Our previous experience in IT consulting projects plays a crucial role in highlighting future requirements for software systems, thus bringing customers and suppliers closer together.

In the VDI Technical Committee 140 Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), around 40 experts are involved with the creation of uniform definitions for the preservation of the term MES before marketing-driven "erosion". Potential MES users are better able to formulate their requirements and thus receive assistance in selecting systems and concepts. The result is the VDI Guideline 5600 with the following supplementary sheets:

  • VDI 5600 Sheet 1 (2007-12): Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)
  • VDI 5600 Sheet 2 (2012-01 - draft): Cost-effectiveness
  •  VDI 5600 Sheet 3 (2011-04 - draft): Logical interfaces for machine and system control
  • VDI 5600 Sheet 4 (2012-10): Support of production systems by MES

Currently, Fraunhofer IML is actively helping to draft additional sheets:

  • VDI 5600 Sheet 5: New optimization approaches with MES
  • VDI 5600 Sheet 6: Energy management with MES