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Magazine “discover LOGISTICS” #24

“discover LOGISTICS”, our in-house and customer magazine, informs you about current events and results of applied research and development work.

Our magazine gives an insight into the topics we work on, the objectives we want to achieve and the expertise in dealing with these topics.

The current issue deals with the topic “Social Networked Industry”

Artificial intelligence (AI) will permanently change our everyday lives and also fundamentally transform the world of work, especially the logistics industry. Research in the field of AI has developed faster than expected, which means that the logistics industry must prepare for major changes. We are shaping the working world of the future by developing social machines that act as robots and are designed to drive collaboration between humans and AI. 

You can read more about this and many other exciting topics from our research in the current issue of "Discover Logistics".


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Issue 23

“Simulation-based AI” 

The digitalization and networking of everything and the application of artificial intelligence is in full swing. This is accompanied by a new generation of autonomous mobile robots (AMR), which we have established at Fraunhofer IML. The vehicles learn in virtual reality and their avatars drive as cyber-physical twins on the real hall floor - the digital continuum is emerging.


Issue 22

“Open Innovation in the Silicon Economy”

Time for an initial interim assessment: What developments from the project have been presented to the public since then? Which milestones achieved so far? How has the project been received by the business community?


Issue 20

“Silicon Economy”

In the Silicon Economy, International Data Spaces will provide open and federated digital platforms that allow all companies to participate without giving away their business models or data.