Selected References

Production optimization

Potential consulting with focus on material and information flow optimization in the warehouse and production for a company in the chemical, food and cosmetics industry.

Process optimization mechanical engineering KmU

Process redesign, process digitization with Smart Devices as well as the visualization of process flows for mechanical engineering KmU.

Identification Steel/rolling mill

Reliable identification of steel based on the sectional area by artificial intelligence (AI).

Intelligent Indoor Locating

Position determination of industrial trucks based on ceiling characteristics without additional infrastructure (such as transmitter/receiver/sensor technology).

VirVoKo / PickNick Voice

Virtual Reality (VR) training for the operation of a Pick-by-Voice (PbV) system.


Forklift truck simulation in Virtual Reality (VR) with consumer hardware (steering wheel, joystick, VR hardware, motion platform), which focused on process and layout training as well as training of control and hazard awareness.

»Low cost tracker« for logistics

The low cost tracker »Narrow Band IoT« is 5G compatible and has a battery life of 5-10 years. It measures acceleration, position and temperature. 

  • Flat rate: 10 years (500MB) 10€ (1€ p.a.)
  • worldwide roaming

A development of the Telekom Open IoT Lab at IML

Intelligent shelf label

  • Ultra-low power communication (868 MHz)
  • Energy harvesting by solar cell
  • ePaper display with »button«
  • Keystroke leads directly to order in IT system
  • Label displays product image, delivery status, barcodes, etc.
  • Thousands of labels connected via a special router