Logistic is dynamic - our aaproach as well

The redesign of logistic networks is often associated with high costs and results in far-reaching consequences for the business success. Different planning alternatives are usually generated and evaluated in regards to business target figures within the scope of the redesign. The following exemplified questions need to be answered in this context:

  • What investment and operating costs can be expected?
  • What production and delivery times can be achieved?
  • What adherence to delivery dates and service level can be realized?
  • How robust are the planning alternatives with regard to possible future scenarios?

The use of simulation in production and logistic offers various potentials in this context. Both internal and overlapping business systems, procedures and processes can be mapped in detail and evaluated quantitatively.

For this reason we offer our customers to perform simulation studies. Simulation is used to investigate explicit logistical questions and evaluate possible planning alternatives on the basis of suitable experiments. Additionally we develop assistance systems in cooperation with our customers that integrate simulation in tactical and operational processes. This way we offer you a tool that supports you in realizing interactions and evaluating planning alternatives for recurring decision-making situations. Measures can be reviewed before implementing them into the real system and the number of incorrect decisions can be reduced.

We offer:

  • Simulation and emulation studies to analyze and optimize internal material flows and technical equipment
  • Simulation studies for structural and procedural design of supply chains
  • Supply chain assistance systems for tactical and operative decision-making support in supply chain management