Catena-X Automotive Network

Fraunhofer supports in the BMWI-funded “Catena-X Automotive Network” research project

Since mid-2021 the Supply Chain Engineering department of Fraunhofer IML has been working with numerous partners from industry and research in the BMWI-funded joint project “Catena-X Automotive Network” and is supporting the development of a collaborative, open and GAIA-X-compliant data network for automotive supply chains. With expertise in the conception, development and implementation of logistics assistance systems in the automotive industry, the department contributes its know-how in the use cases below and is also represented in the form of a “release train architect” who has a formative role in developing the overall IT-architecture of the project's solution.

  • Traceability: Generation of a data chain for seamless material tracing for compliance with the supply chain act.
  • Demand and capacity management: Cross-tier solution to optimize demand and capacity for proactive risk management.
  • Sustainability: Continuous transparency of product carbon footprint for manufactured vehicles including the installed components across all tier stages.

The Catena-X Automotive Network pursues the vision of a seamless data exchange for all participants in the automotive supply chain. This goal is to be achieved jointly by innovation through collaboration. The goal is an efficient overall system to ensure the economic viability of all network partners - from SMEs to large corporations, Europe-wide.