Factory planning with visTABLE®touch

When planning plant structures and factory layouts, the know-how of employees involved regarding logistics, assembly as well as production planning and control is an important criterion for success. Among other things, the most common problems in factory planning are that those affected by the planning are not sufficiently involved in the planning process and that decisions have to be revisited repeatedly.

With the support of an assistive system for factory planning, such as visTABLE, all parties can be quickly brought up to speed on the current state of planning, and essential information presented clearly and transparently.

In addition, with visTABLE, analysis functions are supported and planning results can be presented in a clear and concise manner.

The benefits

  • Visualization of material flow relationships and transport networks
  • Real-time display of Sankey diagram
  • Analysis and optimization of material flows
  • Organizational optimization of defined functional areas
  • Optimization of transport routes (route optimization)
  • Factory modeling in 2D; also possible in 3D based on references
  • Verify compliance with safety inventory (collision check)
  • Simple and clear basis of communication through visualized layout

Our approach for factory planning with visTABLE

With our expertise and experience in the area of layout planning, we have developed procedures for the analysis and optimization of existing factory layouts as well as the design and development of various layout scenarios. visTABLE is an assistive system for factory planning and, among other things, for increasing acceptance by involving your employees in the planning process.

If you are looking to optimize your factory layout or develop and evaluate alternative layout ideas, we would be glad to be of assistance. With the help of visTABLE software, we can not only visualize your factory layout, but also evaluate various planning scenarios and reduce logistics costs.