Fashion Logistics

Fashion Logistics

Are you facing the growing and special requirements of Fashion Logistics? Short product life cycles, strong seasonal peaks, the different handling of hanging and lying goods and high dynamics along the supply chain make the textile and apparel industry a particularly challenging and complex market. Changing consumer needs, eCommerce or omnichannel processes, the organization of multiple brands or clients at one location, and the handling of B2B as well as B2C do not make planning any easier. In addition, many manual processes, especially in reverse logistics, drive current processes.

As a specialist in textile logistics, we know that the textile market has its own style. Fashion as a sensitive commodity requires special handling, especially in logistics. Thanks to our many years of experience in the logistics sector, coupled with our expertise in the textile industry, we are familiar with the specific requirements of the fashion industry and know how storage and transport work "crease-free". Our proximity to research also gives us the opportunity to address tomorrow's requirements today. These competencies make us the first port of call for planning and implementing innovative logistics solutions.

Let us work together to find suitable intralogistics solutions tailored to your challenges. Among other things, we can support you with these and other questions:

  • How do I optimally coordinate my intralogistics system?
  • Are my processes well organized and structured?
  • Is my current warehouse technology future-proof?
  • Are there (partially) automated solutions for my processes?
  • How can I combine fashion and sustainability?
  • How do I increase my service level?
  • Which IT system is the right one?

If we have discovered your interest, please contact us.

Customer Feedback

»The excellent cooperation with Team Fashion Logistics has been a great pleasure for us and has already led to clearly visible improvements in our internal logistics. The tip from one of our service providers to rely on the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics IML to carry out the analysis has proven to be spot on«

Thomas Drexler, Logistics Manager ROY ROBSON FASHION GmbH & Co. KG


»With the help of differentiated analysis fields, Fraunhofer IML carried out a comprehensive and well-founded process analysis. In open and professional cooperation, process weaknesses could be uncovered and implementation variants identified. We can now incorporate these results into the redesign of processes and strategies and thus generate added value for our day-to-day business and an increase in efficiency in existing processes.«

Peter Volk, Head of Logistics and Services at BAUR Versand GmbH & Co. KG


»It was a professional collaboration. Fraunhofer IML was good at getting to the heart of complex issues and led the discussion well.«

Jörg Hoppe, Director of Logistics at Takko Holding GmbH




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