SCD - Supply Chain Design

Joint Project Supply Chain Design

Drivers of change like shorter product life cycles, the introduction of new innovative products and the opening of new markets lead to a strong dynamic in value adding networks. This results in a constant need for adjustment of structures and processes in networks in order to guarantee a high efficiency and effectiveness. Due to the high complexity of design tasks in practice, the planning is performed in separate planning units. A continuous information basis for the design of a network is not given nowadays. The design of the supply chain needs an appropriate lead time for the acquisition of data. It may occur that the data basis for different planning tasks of the supply chain design varies, which can lead to a not sufficient coordination of the network. The supply chain design cannot meet the requirements mentioned since a holistic and continuous solution is not possible.


Within the framework of the project, a holistic and continuous network design approach should be devised. Therefore, the existing planning processes of the application partners for the SCD are analyzed. A holistic planning workflow that is convenient for the connectivity of existing planning units needs to be developed and a joint, holistic information model needs to be designed. The conceptual developments are implemented as prototypes in a holistic IT support based on constantly available, “on-demand” useable and modular design services. In particular, it is the target of the project to make the methods of the simulation useable for the supply chain design.


The innovation of the project is the development of “on-demand” useable, simulation-based design services and the development of selected default modules for customizable logistics assistance systems. The design services are useable fast and as needed and will contribute to the default modules of logistic software modules for customizable assistance systems of the guiding theme Logistics-as-a-Service.


  • Daimler AG
  • Delphi Deutschland GmbH
  • Fraunhofer IML
  • Koenig & Bauer AG
  • LogProIT GmbH

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