RAN - RFID-based Automotive Network

Transparent and optimal control of processes in the automotive industry

Due to the increasing diversity of variants and the concentration of the companies on their core competencies, the value creation is divided over a large number of companies. These companies organize themselves in production and logistic networks. The complexity of the networks steadily increases with the regulation of internal and external business processes.

The basic conditions mentioned above ask for new approaches and methods for the economic and cross-company operation of processes in the order processing.


With current developments in the RFID technology and the possibility to exchange order specific data between all parts of the process chain (OEMs, suppliers, logistics service providers), new potentials for the operation of complex processes with the aid of an info broker concept arise.
With cross-company intelligent material flow controls, an efficient production and a low-expenditure and inventory-optimized logistic should be realized. Here industry-wide standards are created for the first time, which include all companies that are involved in the value creation. Based on defined standards an integration concept for a fast and low-expenditure integration for new partners into the RAN network is created.

  • Create transparency in the supply chain
  • Operate production and logistic processes efficiently
  • Develop RFID based standards for the automotive industry


In this joint project, which is supported by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, control algorithms and planning methods are implemented. These are based on an overlapping business communication structure with a decentralized database (InfoBroker). For the implementation processes, data structures, IT systems and hardware classes are described in a standardized way and merged in a holistic concept. This concept is evaluated with newly developed methods in terms of economic and resource efficiency. In addition, the potential savings for each participant are shown and a concept for cost benefit sharing is developed. 



  • BMW
  • Opel
  • Daimler


  • Bosch
  • Johnson Controls
  • Rehau


  • DHL
  • BLG

IT, Software

  • BM
  • SAP
  • IBS


  • Siemens

Scientific Institutions

  • BIBA Bremen
  • FZI Karlsruhe
  • HTW Saarland
  • iwb München

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