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»A strong international network with excellent partners has the potential to boost innovation in logistics.«

Prof. Dr. Michael ten Hompel, Managing Director at Fraunhofer IML

International Collaboration for Sustainable Innovation

Logistics is by its definition an international industry and an integrator of all partners along the value chain. Not only logistics chains but research and policy networks have to go beyond national boundaries. As one of the most important player in logistics research, Fraunhofer IML takes on responsibility and is engaged in several well-established international committees and organizations. Some of our important networks and partners are introduced below. The collaboration varies from project collaboration - mostly funded by the European Commission -, joint initiatives like the European Technology Platform ALICE to bilateral strategic cooperation.

A strong partner of the institute regarding pan-European activities is the EffizienzCluster LogistikRuhr. EffizienzCluster LogistikRuhr is Germany’s only leading edge cluster in logistics, awarded by the Federal Government. Fraunhofer IML is a founding member and one of the key players within the EffizienzCluster.


o   European Technology Platform ALICE

The European Technology Plattform Alliance for Logistics Innovation through Collaboration in Europe ( ETP ALICE) focuses on the development of a comprehensive strategy for research, innovation and market development of logistics and supply chain management innovation in Europe. ALICE has recognized the need for an overarching view on logistics, supply chain planning and control, in order to achieve efficient logistics and supply chain operations through a close collaboration between shippers and logistics services. More information


o   European Conference of Transport Research Institutes

The European Conference of Transport Research Institutes (ECTRI), based in Brussels, is a cooperation between 26 research facilities and universities that focus on traffic research. In the long run, the aim of ECTRI is to realize the vision of an integrated, pan-European transport system. ECTRI is a global player regarding European research on logistics and key scientific contact for the European Commission regarding transport planning and security. More information  


o   European Factories of the Future Research Association

The European Factories of the Future Research Association (EFFRA) based in Brussels is the largest association for production research in Europe with 90 organizations from 17 EU member states. EFFRA develops calls for tenders for funding for current application-oriented research topics and implements specific projects. More information  


o   IoT Forum

The Internet of Things Forum is driven by a vision of worldwide interoperable Internet of Things, recognizing the impact of the Internet on our lives, businesses, governments and society as a whole. Addressing business and societal challenges, IoT Forum focuses on the need to create conditions for a truly worldwide Internet of Things ecosystem and market. The aim is to create a one- stop shop for actors from both the global IoT community and from domains which could benefit from it. More information  


o   International Purchasing and Supply Education and Research Association

Fraunhofer IML is part of the International Purchasing and Supply Education and Research Association (IPSERA). The Association unites interdisciplinary researchers and practitioners to exchange ideas and knowledge as well as to discuss concepts and theories. More information  


o   Digital Transport and Logistics Forum

The Digital Transport and Logistics Forum (DTLF) is one of the current activities of The Association of European Vehicle Logistics. In April 2015, the European Commission founded the DTLF to create a network of experts that will be a key contact for the Commission. The DTLF will for example work on recommendations to address tomorrow’s challenges in the field of transport and logistics. More information  


o   Dinalog
Dinalog focuses on innovation through R&D and demonstration projects with the ultimate aim of transforming knowledge into new business. Several programs assist and stimulate companies to innovate and utilize existing knowledge. In 2014, Dinalog and Fraunhofer IML signed a Memorandum of Understanding to intensify the cooperation between the two partners. More information


o   Zaragoza Logistics Center (ZLC)
ZLC is a research institute in partnership with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Zaragoza. Its mission is to create an international Center of Excellence for research and education in logistics and Supply Chain Management that actively engages with industry and the public sector to develop and disseminate knowledge. More information  


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