Packaging Laboratory

Figures / Dates / Facts

  • Head and deputies if applicable: Dr. Volker Lange / Gerrit Hasselmann / Ralf Wunderlich
  • Size / floor area: 400 m²
  • Number of machines: 9 test facilities, 4 climate cabinets/rooms
  • Number of staff employed: 6
  • Date of opening: 1986 (modernisation: 2012)
  • Specialities: Examining loading units, large load carriers, transport packaging and pallets



The job of every package is to protect the packed product against damage. Damage usually occurs through external stresses that act on the packaging. These may be stresses common in storage or transport, such as stacking pressure, knocks or vibration. But extreme temperature and humidity conditions can also make problems for packaging.

A careful analysis of the designated distribution structure is therefore the first mandatory step in every examination. On this foundation we create individual test concepts which are based on international and national standards. We then simulate the individual steps of the distribution chain in the Fraunhofer IML packaging laboratory. We quickly identify possible fault sources and then conceive individually optimised solutions for each client. The packaging laboratory is a registration office for plastic pallets (DIN Certco) and large load carriers (VDA). The laboratory works among other things with the International Safe Transit Association or ISTA procedures. It also regularly takes part in German and European research projects, and currently on the “CoSaTT” project, a research scheme for improving load securing in lorry transports. It takes place under the European Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (EraSME) programme, which promotes the collaboration of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and research establishments within Europe.