Strategic consulting for your location

Location, location, location – this maxim also applies for the successful positioning of a logistics business.

For an economic region, the location, the economic structure and the existing transport infrastructure are central factors for goods traffic or logistics. The wide-ranging studies of Fraunhofer IML identify with you the future development potential of an economic region, a single economic location or an enterprise (harbour, logistics properties) in the logistics field and highlight capabilities for the future.

Local players with their knowledge and interests are integrated into the researches as well as competitors of the economic region or location. The requirements of manufacturing companies in these regions and their logistics service providers are taken in consideration to arrive at concrete recommendations for action.

Independent and scientifically based specialist knowledge of local conditions for an industrial area or the comparison of one logistics region to its neighbouring regions can deliver a significant advantage to businesses that want to settle in the region. Even businesses that settle in well established logistics regions are able to achieve certainty in planning and can recognize clearly the future strategy of the region by acquiring specialised knowledge of this region.

We identify the potential of your region and we highlight future recommendations for action, to allow you to position yourself viz-a-viz your market competitors.
The following approach has repeatedly proved its worth for clients:

  • Assessment of the region´s attitude towards logistics sectors
  • Analysis of the current development of the logistics market and traffic flows
  • Analysis of the competitive situation to other logistics regions
  • Structural analysis of the traffic market, the area, the demographics and the local economy
  • Highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the region and external opportunities and threats (SWOT analysis)
  • Relating the results and highlighting development structures for the logistics sector, such as development of location, logistics infrastructure expansion, marketing strategy and implementation planning

The advantages for you (excerpt):

  • Objective evaluations of the logistics potential of your specific location, of each industrial area and region
  • Accessibility analysis offers information about anticipated journey times for businesses that want to settle in that location
  • Concrete package of measures for the needs-based further development of logistics regions and a sustainable strengthening of individual logistics locations
  • Increasing the attractiveness to logistics-relevant businesses to settle locally
  • Availability of statements from other logistics companies about their location allowing you to assess your own needs better

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