Multimodal Promotion

A project from the EffizienzCluster Logistik Ruhr

In the coming years the transport volume on the road will increase. Yet with current utilization, the capacity of the transport infrastructure is meeting its limits and extensions or new constructions can only be hardly realized. Free capacities on rail and especially on the waterways are providing - by shifting from road to these transport means – the opportunity to manage the increase of transport quantities with the currently available infrastructure.

Multimodal Promotion provides enterprises a direct door-to-door routing under the consideration of schedules of the combined transport (road, rail, water) and the proposal of feasible new relations. After entering the transport quantities, an enterprise receives direct proposals for those transports that can be directly transported using the combined transport. Inputs are made over a Web 2.0 user interface. After the analysis of the transport data, each enterprise receives an automated and individual evaluation of its saving potentials. Additionally, potentials of collaboration between multiple enterprises will be shown too. Evaluation criteria, like costs and the CO2 consumption are separately specified to show the user the potential savings.

For the first time, this alliance project allows a consolidation of transport flows among enterprises by means of a neutral and anonymous evaluation. The simple use of a Web 2.0 user interface will give enterprises the opportunity to carry out – without previous knowledge of combined transport – a direct door-to-door routing of their transports. Based on the analysis of all entered transport data, the potential for shifting transports to alternative modes of transport will be determined. The more enterprises of the region will take part – the better concepts for cooperation can be determined. Due to the fact that permanently combinable loads are searched within a region, empty and partial trips will be reduced.


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"Multimodal Promotion" is a research project of the EffizienzCluster LogistikRuhr.

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