Commercial traffic will be forced to confront new challenges by the increasingly limited access possibilities to inner cities. The gradual tightening of access restrictions, e.g. the environmental zones, partly prevents diesel vehicles gaining access to inner cities. Electric mobility provides adapted vehicles for urban delivery traffic. The type of traffic does not make it necessary to use vehicles with great physical range. The current technology is already suitable for urban delivery traffic.            

City-centre traffic has different and various demands on the vehicles and journeys. Fraunhofer IML has implemented these demands in one appropriate model, taking into account the experiences of projects already completed, expert interviews and additional methods. This model aids the route planning in real-time, including all constraints.     

For you this means practically that a method exists to support decisions concerning the organisation of the fleet and the choice of vehicle, to complete the delivery “for the last mile” or in the urban areas with innovative vehicles that are available on the market. Limited access possibilities of inner cities can be considered as well as the performance characteristics of hybrid vehicles and electric delivery vehicles, the limited access possibility depending on the time of day and any potential City Toll. 

Naturally, optimisation via several depots and customer locations and the use of several different vehicle types are possible, taking into account the performance data of the vehicles (ranges, max. speed, vehicle load capacity, etc.) which is stored in the system. According to several criteria, e.g. environmental impact, costs, etc. optimisation can occur according to your company-specific requirements.