Distribution and Supply Networks

We have your logistics in mind

Maximum flexibility at minimum costs – roughly speaking these are the requirements of modern supply chains. But how do you achieve success? With the  transport logistics team of Fraunhofer IML you have a partner with whom you can re-plan your supply chain in forward-thinking ways. Our experts support you throughout, from planning to realising tailor-made logistics concepts. Our philosophy includes individual advice with a real customer orientation. We look forward to hearing from you.

Your optimally designed Supply Chain with Fraunhofer IML

Experience shows that it is not possible to design a supply chain only through reduction of throughput times and costs. Therefore over the duration of a project, we consider additional aspects, for example customer requirements, regional market demand and the respective development of such demand.

Current software solutions of DISMOD® support us in designing your future logistics strategy.
The latest level of development enables us to provide customers with individual planning software beyond the duration of our project and to allow future constant monitoring. More information can be found at: www.iml.fraunhofer.de/dismodEN.

Overview of our Services

  • Analysis and benchmarking of your current supply chain, with regard to your location, transport and handling costs, product range selection, service level, fleet analysis, etc.
  • Designing a forward-thinking logistics strategy
  • Considering capacities, different product groups and specifically framework conditions
  • Forecasts of future market potential and business fields
  • Considering seasonal sales fluctuations and identifying bottlenecks across your logistics network
  • Determining and optimising CO2 emissions
  • Sensitivity analysis of robust strategies for medium to long term planning periods
  • Support for tendering in the realisation phase
  • Constantly monitoring of the supply chain via KPI

The Way to Success

Step 1: Analysis of the status quo
We analyse in great detail your transport network. In addition to the volume analysis, qualitative parameters will be defined and relevant tariffs analysed, to create a well-conceived valuation system. Framework parameters like service level, product range selection and capacities will also be incorporated in the model.

Step 2: Greenfield
The Greenfield scenario is a virtually unlimited optimisation of your supply chain and will be used as benchmark for all scenarios which will follow on from this. It allows an insight into untapped potential in your business even if the result differs considerably from your present structure. The Greenfield scenario is the springboard to develop a fresh concept.

Step 3: Your new logistics concept
In this step your new logistics concept will be created, based on scenarios. The insights we have gained will be instrumental here in allowing us to develop different best practice solutions that are then adjusted to anticipated future market and customer requirements.
Step 3: Your new logistics concept

Step 4: Roll-Out
We gladly support you in implementing your new logistics concept – whether through realisation of a tender processes or application for funding.
If cooperation is required, we can recommend potential partners and chair any relevant meetings.

After completion of the project, we provide monitoring services based on individual parameters and appropriate tools, to give you a fully overview of your supply chain. If you need to react to short-term changes in your supply chain, it is possible for you to quickly re-optimise your parameters.