Cost Management of the Supply Chain

Internationally operating companies have been characterised for years by a significant growth of processes in their supply chains. Strong customer orientation and resource efficiency require quick delivery times and high reliability. There is a rising cost pressure through international competition and high customer requirements, even in saturated markets. One of the future cost drivers is the sustainability when planning businesses and creating supply chains. The relevant processes in regards to production, procurement and sales require a balance between social, ecological and economic aspects. To prevent early cost increases, the structural change in particular requires well thought-out planning. The transparency of the supply chain is not only necessary for your company and products, customers increasingly demand information on activities of manufacturers along the value chain. One of the important preconditions for an effective supply chain is to create transparency of costs and processes.

Our Range of Services:

Fraunhofer IML provides support to create an effective and efficient supply chain that follows the individual requirements of your company. Within the framework of Supply Chain Audit we analyse your logistic structures and identify existent cost drivers. Additionally, we investigate money-saving potential along the value chain and analyse their benefits. The connection between different scenarios and calculation methods completes the analysis and provides an insight into potential of recommended process changes.