Urban Business Navigator

A project in the EffizienzCluster Logistik Ruhr

Navigation devices are in the private and commercial environment no longer indispensable. Unfortunately, these devices often do not differ from each other today. Therefore the transport sector uses devices and applications that were originally developed for automobile traffic and adapted only in parts. Only in the telematics devices for heavy trucks or truck-specific navigation equipment an expansion is carried out probably. This is done in the sense that specific weight and size restrictions are considered. The environmental conditions for navigation in the transportation industry, however, differ fundamentally from the car navigation. Here it is important to consider all other circumstances, such as loading zones in downtown areas, delivery entrances, temporal access restrictions, etc.

In the research project "Urban Business Navigation", which is within the scope of the logistics cluster efficiency Ruhr funded by the BMBF, industry-customized navigation solutions are designed for commercial traffic. The partners LOGIBALL and Fraunhofer IML are about to examine the applications for new navigation and will develop solutions based on practical requirements. An example is a system that provides a customized navigation in urban areas for various industries. This includes both industry-as well as company-specific information which will feed into the type of navigation, as well as new information is generated for the navigation map. Businesses should be put in a position to use individually to their needs tailored navigation solution in the future.

We're in!

"Urban Busines Navigator" is a research project of the EffizienzCluster LogistikRuhr.

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