TMS Selection consultation

Market Research and Assistance with Requests for Tenders for TMS (Transport Management Software)

The selection of an appropriate tool in order to plan multimodal transports is a great challenge for shippers as well as for logistics service providers. Not only do these user groups have different requirements from the software but the systems that are available on the market have different strengths and weaknesses and are not all equally suitable for the various users due to its IT architecture and implementation possibilities.

Hence the provided functions of potential systems have to be reconciled with user requirements. This is only successful if the user works out a detailed catalogue of requirements for future processes and synchronises it with functions of the systems of as many providers as possible. This is an enormous task which demands not only that your requirements are clearly defined, but also a familiarity within the field of Transport Management Software (TMS). The transport logistics division of Fraunhofer IML provides support in selecting the appropriate software. In several projects we already have selected the appropriate TMS for automobile manufacturers, logistics service providers and most recently for a large pipe manufacturer.

Basis for this software selection is our detailed knowledge of available systems on the market based on a continuous market analysis, our process and knowledge within logistics, in order to work out an individual catalogue of requirements for each company. This guarantees that we always choose the best possible software solutions in cooperation with the user.