Analysis of market and business field

Knowledge creates new markets

Strategic decisions in the logistics area have to be made in ever shorter time periods. Companies which flexibly create their logistics structures and processes, and those which can adjust to new market developments and changed requirements quickest have the edge.
It is important to identify relevant developments at an early stage and to properly assess customer and competitor behaviour. Through this, direct effects on your own business areas can be identified and therefore strategic measures can be taken.

Logistics Trends / Creating Scenarios

The effects of new developments in the logistics sector and high level trends with regard to customer requirements have to be identified early and be taken into account in the planning phase; always against the backdrop of the core competences of each company.
Fraunhofer IML is aware of key political and economical shifts at an early stage through its research and industrial projects. The individual significance of new production interrelationships, the development of supranational service networks or the opening of postal markets for a company will be analysed by means of scenarios. The framework of such scenarios will be agreed in conjunction with the customer, to achieve benefits which can be practically implemented.         

Success through method

In order to compete, it is necessary to systematically investigate the existing and future potential of already established markets and typically of their key sub-sectors. It is also important to identify and establish the potential of new sectors and markets. The examination of the relevance of current product and service ranges and the strategic orientation define the framework for the development of new business fields and the expansion of the client base.
As a result of its numerous consulting projects for logistics service providers, Fraunhofer IML has detailed knowledge in structures and in the development of markets in the logistics sector, the service ranges of providers and the customer requirements in individual branches. Knowing your own strengths and weaknesses, the market position compared to competitors and your customers´ perception of you provide the basis to be able to evaluate the own performance capability and to identify problems. The information, collected and prepared by Fraunhofer IML, provides a profile of your market position.           

Promising new Business Fields

The proven methodology of linking the results from each research step results in clear opportunities to win new customers and open up new branches. Fraunhofer IML will deliver concrete recommendations which should enable the customer swiftly to implement the results by means of a realisation plan.  

Case Study “Overnight Express“

Fraunhofer IML undertook an analysis for one of the leading night-time express service providers, under the title “Analysis of the overnight express market – status quo and future strategic potential”. It was possible for the business to arrive at the sort of specific and practical observations which can contribute quickly to improved results. New customers and sectors have been identified by this process and first contacts have been established. The internal processes of the service provider were subjected to a SWOT analysis and recommendations were given on how to improve the internal business processes. These recommendations were derived from interviews with customers and executive employees.
Overall, the company was able to improve its own market position, to establish new business fields and to develop potential customer relationships. For the company, in particular the recommendations for providing new services in the “Overnight Express” business field, give rise to expectations of a long-term benefit resulting from our analysis.