DISMOD Planning

DISMOD Strategy

Strategically planning of Supply Chains means being ready for your future business. But how would you estimate business development and resulting logistic challenges for the next 5-10 years?

The DISMOD® Module “Strategy” enables you to develop different future scenarios according to your desires.


“Strategy” links your current business volumes with sales plans und further expected changes in good-streams and logistics. If you have to consider new markets, business units or products, you can use this module to simulate the resulting logistic data in different scenarios.

DISMOD strategy does consider:

  • Trends based on your historical logistic information
  • General expectations in sales and growth
  • Global market trends, like the transport price development or salary levels in different regions of the world


To ensure the best possible future scenario data for your logistics, DISMOD Strategy also includes:

  • regional development and movements, e.g. Product group A will grow double as strong in country B as in country C while stagnating in country D
  • structural changes of product spectrum, e.g. roll-out of new product groups while others are sold out
  • your individual logistic needs, e.g. decreasing order- and shipment-amounts while delivery frequencies raise

Whatever your plans and challenges for the future might be, DISMOD Strategy will offer you the suitable planning data base for the use with the other DISMOD modules such as