DISMOD Planning

DISMOD Stock Wise

To get to a comprehensive location planning it is not only necessary to know the wright number and position of Distribution Centers, TSPs etc.. You should also be able to know the basics about sizes, dimensions and material flows inside the warehouse to get to a suitable choice for a logistics real estate.
DISMOD Stock Wise delivers the needed key figures.


Taking the Inbound and Outbound good flows from your logistics data “Stock Wise” will calculate the resulting capacities needed to handle those flows. “Stock Wise” evaluates the relevant technical and legal basis and creates a summary of all information you’ll need to make a choice for a logistics real estate. For example you will get the answers to:

  • How many pallet storage places are needed at the site?
  • Which types of warehouse technique is suitable? Rack storage for pallets, shelf storage or an automatic storage and retrieval system?
  • How many square meters will be needed by the site including all internal and external spaces?
  • What will be the number of employees needed in total?

This standardized site blueprint will give you the perfect draft to start the detail layout planning for your new logistics sites.

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  • Use DISMOD Locate to get to the correct number and position of logistics sites and the throughput key-figures which are base for Stock-Wise
  • DISMOD Strategy ensures your planning will be made for the next years not only for today.