DISMOD Optimization


The size of a truck fleet for your distribution network and the respective route planning are mainly influencing the operational costs of your transportation logistics. By the way: What is the optimal size of the fleet? What equipment and which types of vehicles should be used? And what is the correct dimension of tour areas around every of your depots?

DISMOD Route will guide you to the appropriate answers to those questions!

DISMOD Route analyses the inbound transports to your subsidiaries or customers and determines the needed number of vehicles per site while describing the optimal routes for the deliveries.


DISMOD Route analyses every logistics site and scans for the time-frames of the assigned customers. The catchment areas are designed then. Every single distribution transport will be considered with his respective amount of goods and the date of arrival that has to be fulfilled. All yearly transports together will give a picture of the dimension and structure of the fleet.

You will get:

  • a detailed insight in district- and customer allocation for every site and vehicle
  • minimum-cost outline round plans to support your local scheduler
  • a requirement profile for every site concerning the fleet managed there
  • a utilization profile of the existing fleet over the year


DISMOD Route supports your scheduling department and constructs optimized fleet setups.

You will be able to

  • analyze the actual fleet utilization over the year – detailed for every single day and vehicle
  • benchmark the quality of your scheduling
  • learn about when and how to use alternative transport techniques.