DISMOD Optimization


If you want to offer the best possible service to your customers while keeping your logistics costs low you will need to work with a highly optimized logistics network structure. Are your production sites, your warehouses, Transshipment-Points and distribution centers linked optimal in your Supply-Chain structure?

Find out which improvements are possible. DISMOD Locate answers all relevant questions concerning your Supply-Chain-Network Setup and location planning.

DISMOD Locate will find your individual optimal structure in terms of number an position of sites, the number of tiers in your Supply-Chain and the best customer allocation to your distribution centers.


Locate will map your Supply-Chain Network to a computable model on a highly detailed level (SKU Level) and links it to main geographical information.

In the first step you will gain a detailed picture of your good-streams. Locate will link them to your transport and warehousing costs, considers the costs for existing or new locations and determines the optimal network structure for your individual case.

Structured information in form of geographical maps will complete the network visualization. You will be able to identify strong and weak parts of your network instantly.

DISMOD Locate shows if your logistics sites

  • are best chosen for your current tasks and
  • allow the needed service degrees to your customers


DISMOD Locate will adapt to your individual Supply-Chain challenges and your business.

Locate takes the following parameters (and more) to determine the best Supply-Chain Structure:

  • all transports in your current network, detailed to SKU level
  • current roadmaps as base for distance calculations
  • current freight rates or prices for optimization of transport costs
  • current operational expenses from your existing sites
  • sales forecasts and projections (together with DISMOD Strategy)
  • expectable and reliable freight rates (together with DISMOD Freight Expert)
  • economic usage of production resources and capacities (together with DISMOD Chain)

Do you have special demands or requirements?

DISMOD Locate offers additionally:

  • Fixation of parts of the existing network (e.g. keep that new warehouse in X!)
  • Consideration of special needs for different modes of transport (e.g. cooled products)
  • Specific setups of some sites (e.g. Warehouse A can only handle goods of special types)