DISMOD Management

DISMOD Freight Expert

Logistics costs consist to more than 50% transportation costs – and every single transport process costs money. Either by the use of your own fleet or by signing contracts with transport service providers. You need to know your transport costs and should be able to compare them to market conditions to ensure your competitiveness.

DISMOD Freight expert helps you on that task. The module establishes transparency to your freight costs and to your freight amounts.

Freight Expert creates a concrete profile of your freight rates, shows week points and points to possible quick- and long term wins.



Freight Expert takes the shipments already available in DISMOD and links them to your concrete freight conditions or to newly arrived freight offers from freight forwarders.

The following questions will then be answered immediately:

  • What is the cost split between loading classes and distance classes? Are you really performing full truck loads in the main parts or is the part-load share higher than expected?
  • Which loads produce the highest costs? Which amount do you pay every year for short-haul, long-haul, which for Full-Truck and which for part-load or parcel services?

DISMOD Freight Expert structures this information in an easy readable way to give you the needed degree of knowledge.


DISMOD Freight Expert works with different types of costs and tariff tables so that you can decide easily if your own truck fleet works profitably or what kind of cost improvement is possible in contracting Logistics Service Providers (LSP).

Furthermore you will be able to compare your individual freight rates to similar rates from the market. Our own freight rate database is kept to the state of the art conditions for a high number of businesses.

Linkage to other modules

DISMOD Freight Experts is perfectly co-operating with DISMOD Strategy and DISMOD Locate. For example you may use the future designed volumes from DISMOD Strategy to learn about the cost development in different possible future setups.