DISMOD Management


Only those who have constant access to all relevant information about their Supply-Chain Network performance are able to make correct decisions in daily business.

But how to gain the needed transparency over Supply-Chains and Logistics networks?

DISMOD Cockpit offers you the needed toolset!





DISMOD cockpit links strategically analysis, operational monitoring and tactical management. By establishing a direct interface to your ERP system Cockpit will access the real-time data from your Supply-Chain and is able to analyze it.

DISMOD cockpit offers:

  • A Dashboard to quick visualization of frequently used KPIs
  • The ability to customize your reports to your daily needs
  • Export of analysis results and raw data to e.g. Excel©



  • Open data exchange formats facilitate the information flow between DISMOD and your IT world
  • Accessing real-world data in the degree of abstraction you need
  • Adaption of KPIs and Reports to your needs – not vice versa
  • Data export to standard office environments


DISMOD cockpit assist you when logistic questions have to be answered, e.g.:

  • How many vehicles are currently assigned to which facility?
  • How many pallets have been moved at location X
  • What is the shipment size development in market Y
  • Where are the main logistics costs coming from?
  • What is the split between standard- and express deliveries?