DISMOD Optimization


For industrial organizations strategically network planning does not only consists of transport and distribution. Only an integrated approach including production logistics will lead to a complete optimized network.

DISMOD Chain enriches the functionalities of DISMOD Locate with an algorithm that combines production facilities capabilities and distribution network setups. The module harmonizes Master Planning and Transport Planning and ensures the best usage of resources and capacities in both worlds.


As we know already your material flows between logistics sites from the LOCATE module, we now are able to improve those good-flows by considering the capacities of all participating sites – no matter if it is a production or a distribution site. DISMOD Chain records the main capacity and cost information and completes them with the structural information out of LOCATE. For every single production site as well as for possible new productions a machine park will be modelled including:

  • Type and number of aggregates
  • Cost- and time efforts for changing production lines
  • Capacities for the production of different product types

The joined optimization of logistics and production offers you direct access to information about the amounts and times when, where and which products should be produced.

You will also see what kind of machines should be available at which location.


On the base of one or several business years DISMOD Chain calculates the joined savings potentials of production and logistics. The module enriches detailed transport data from the partner module Locate by information concerning the production of your goods.

  • Simulation of capacities of new designed Machines and Production sites
  • Identification of possible bottlenecks and load peaks in logistics sites
  • Learn where to place new production sites due to logistics reasons and which capacities should be held there.