The base module of DISMOD offers functions for project-organization, data import and different basic analysis functions mostly based on geographical visualization components.
Your transport and warehousing tariffs are managed and made available to DISMOD in this module too.
Based on your real world shipments DISMOD Base gives you already a perfect overview to your Supply-Chain and the respective cost elements in it.

These are the analysis functions in detail:

Area allocation

Planning and visualization of sales and delivery areas. You want to know which of your customer is delivered from which depot (or should be)? Our area allocation analysis function in DISMOD shows the responsible distribution sites

Locations and Allocations

DISMOD Base offers the opportunity to categorize and differentiate your logistic sites. For example you may show different types of customers or sites in different icon styles to get a quick overview map.

Amount Analysis

By the aid of the amount analysis function areas are colored according to the respective accumulated amount of the customers or sites in that area.

Servicedistance and Degree of service

The service visualization components show the driving time to different areas based on road-networks or show the degree of fulfilling a given servicelevel (e.g. 24h service) in the areas.


Get all aggregated information in a quick report. Excel like tables and graphs concentrate the main KPIs from your Supply-Chain


DISMOD gives you the opportunity to export your most frequently used detail reports direct to Excel©. This can be done for pre-configured or for your own customized reports.