Support in ERP Introduction

The Fraunhofer IML can take the charge and coordination of the ERP implementation if necessary. We provide qualified employees who will guide the implementation and give support in departments that constitute the focal point.

Monitoring the Implementation

In this phase the ERP system is implemented by the software provider. This includes interfaces, data migration, customizing and individual programming. The Fraunhofer IML monitors the adherence to agreed times and the realization of the functionalities from the specification documents.

Monitoring of Training

The Frauhofer IML undertakes the scheduling, coordination and verification of learning objectives during the training of employees by the system provider.

Preliminary Acceptance of the ERP System

During the preliminary acceptance, the Fraunhofer IML checks the range of functions, the mapping of processes according to the specification documents, individual programming if applicable and the interfaces to other information systems within the scope of a test run.

Final Acceptance of the ERP System

The last step of the ERP implementation is the final acceptance of the ERP system, which include a functional, performance and availability check.