IT Strategy

Strategy Development for your Company

The management and control of the IT is an essential factor of success for the company and organization because most processes are performed with IT support. Many companies face the question of how an IT strategy for the management and control of internal resources can be derived.

The derivation or rather revision of IT strategies is often necessary for the management if the following events occur:

  • Technical necessity to modernize utilized software and hardware
  • Change in company structures
  • Change in business model
  • Centralization of data repository
  • Increase of data quality
  • Determination of key figure with the aid of IT 
  • Organization of internal and external support, e.g. service level agreements

The Fraunhofer IML derives individual IT strategies on the basis of a methodical approach:

  • Current situation: analysis and documentation
  • Derivation of optimization potentials
  • Definition of requirements for future IT infrastructure consisting of hardware and software
  • Definition of requirements for future organization structure and tasks especially in the IT area
  • Target concept: definition of various implementation variants
  • Implementation planning for IT strategy
  • Regular reviews to monitor target achievement
  • The Fraunhofer IML gives you continuous support in creating your individual strategy for the IT management from the analysis to the implementation


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