Software & Information Engineering


The interdisciplinary department will develop a solution that is tailored to meet your needs and provides efficient IT support: whether they are new products, arising from visionary ideas, or changing requirements, resulting from shifts in the market.

The extensive project management experience of the employees in the department manifests itself in extremely mature processes and reliability. Development costs and time frames are kept short. The service portfolio of the Department of Software Engineering covers the entire development and implementation process. The department assists you with everything from the definition and formulation of the requirements to the training of your employees.

You get a user-oriented total solution in which nothing is left to chance.

The customized software products developed by Fraunhofer IML meet the same quality standards as standard software packages.

We will conduct research for you and use our expertise and experience to provide you with the best possible solution. The results of our research form the basis of a qualified and results-oriented development project.

  • Extensive know-how of our scientists
  • Detailed knowledge of the research landscape
  • Assistance with the initiation of collaborations
  • Tangible, innovative solutions
  • Diverse experience from past projects

Current Projects

Industrial Data Space

Industrial Data Space is a virtual dataspace which makes it easier to exchange and link data in business ecosystems. It is the basis for smart services and innovative business systems. Developing the architecture for intelligence Senor systems is our focus.


DREAM (Distributed Renewable resources Exploitation in electric grids through Advanced heterarchical Management) explores and test new control methods for the administration of energy networks.


This hired project from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research aims at the cooperation of cooperating companies and at the same time to safe sensitive business secrets.  


Goal of this interdisciplinary Project »SMART FACE« is the development decentralized , high flexible material flow unity, which fulfil the demands of the micro line manufacture.  


With this project »E³-Production« Fraunhofer closely monitored basic elements like efficiency in production technology, production and working environments. Beside this concepts for connecting cloud platforms were produced.

Transforming Transport

47 leading experts out of 9 countries presenting research of transport-, logistic- and information technology, which are important for future mobility and logistic.  

Innovation lab: Hybrid services in logistic

The main goal of »Social Networked Industry« is the conception of a new hybrid services. The focus is on Industrie 4.0. Social factors like qualification, acceptance and organization aspects like communication and hierarchy needs to be examined within this process.


In cooperation with Fraunhofer CML 11 partners are developing the innovative risk management system MITIGATE, which reproduces risk scenarios for the maritime sector. The main emphasis of our research work lays on data analysis with Big Data.  

Completed Projects



Logistics Mall

»We are developing future«


Software Development

Software as foundation:
Modern logistic is not possible today without modern IT. Our team develops for your problems balanced IT-solutions for all your logistic areas. Our promise: Thought-out Software, analysis, conception, architecture design, components design, implementation, integration, migration and evaluation -  we offer you extensive solutions.


IT Strategic Consulting

Standstill means regression:
To be successful is not a guarantor to stay it. To think ahead, to think around, to think outside, that is the devise. Secure yourself a long-term position in the competition and let us outward-looking together. From the standard software up to new, individuell on your questions focused software concept, which support the efficient use of ressources and your processes, we are on your side.



Here you can find an overview of our scientific publications. Besides articels and essays in different magazines and anthologies there are listed numerous lectures and presentations. Furthermore you can get an overview about current studies, market analysis and further publications of our department Software & Information Engineering.