Software Engineering

IT Strategic Consulting

Through on-going training, usage, and research, we ensure that we are proficient in the latest technologies or we develop them ourselves. The added value can be improved considerably through the use of the right information technology. We will help you find the right solution for your business processes and goals and select an IT strategy that corresponds to your needs.

  • Custom solutions tailored to the predefined constraints
  • Determination of the IT alignment
  • Improvement of the added value
  • Optimization of the processes
  • General advice on the IT selection

Data Driven Logistics

We are supporting you with the analysis, integration and visualisation of your data. Our priorities are »Big-Data-Architecture«, »Hana-Integration« and »machine learning«.


·        Big Data
·        Data Analytics
·        Machine Learning / Deep
·        Internet of Things
·        Sensor Data Integration
·        Data Visualisation
·        Enterprise Infrastructure
·        Development of Smart Services

Social Networked Industry

The focus of this projects is a partnership cooperation of human beings and automatic machines.


·        Social Collaboration
·        Social Networking
·        Human-Technology-Collaboration
·        Collaborative Information
·        Technology Integration
·        Technology Connection


Cloud Computing

We support you to make your logistic IT fit for the future by outsourcing it into the Cloud. Our focus is on the topics »Business Objects for Logistik« und »Changeable logistiksystems«.


·        Business Process as a Service
·        Cloud Infrastructure
·        Shopfloor Integration
·        Cloud Platform
·        Standardization of Components and
·        Internet of Things

Privacy Engineering

We support you with »Privacy by Design« and »Privacy as a Service« so that your IT systems fulfil the growing demands in data protection, data security and confidentiality.


·        Controlled collaboration
         of many Cloud Services
·        Central Access Management
         for the complete workflow
·        Privacy-by-design /
·        Privacy-Certification
·        Detailed Authentification


We analyse the IT-Architecture of your Company for optimizing potential. Our team supports you from modeling to adaptation on market demands.


·        Enterprise Architecture
·        System Architecture
·        Data Architecture
·        Architecture Management

Enterprise Information Management

We optimize the quality of your master data and support you by constructing an information architecture inclusive »Metadata Management« and »Data Governance«.


·        Data Quality Management
·        Master Data Management       
·        Metadata Management
·        Knowledge Management
·        Business Objects for Logistics

»We develop future«


Software Development

Software as foundation:
Modern logistic is not possible today without modern IT. Our team develops for your problems balanced IT-solutions for all your logistic areas. Our promise: Thought-out Software, analysis, conception, architecture design, components design, implementation, integration, migration and evaluation -  we offer you extensive solutions.



We develop future:
Due to our participation in diverse research projects we are always surrounded by the latest developments and ideas. This creative ghost is part of all our projects, because as a department in a applied research institut we know for sure what it means to make plans and convert them into praxis. As a customer you profit from this special competence.



Excellent experience: Here you can find which qualifies us as a partner. Many years of experience, successful projects and numerous awards. Beside cooperation and project partners we always manage to convince juries in science and economic about our innovative applications and creative solutions.