Fraunhofer is Europe’s largest application-oriented research organization. The aim is to generate new knowledge respectively to combine existing knowledge and to realize it for the customer. The research focuses are as manifold as the different Fraunhofer institutes. The department “Packaging and Retail Logistics” works actively on concrete research projects concerning the topics of AutoID systems, packaging logistics and retail logistics.


Packaging Logistics

Optimization of heterogeneous packaging variants is the aim of the research project repac. With the help of a simulation model for cost calculation the software is able to figure out the optimal packaging number and sizes.

The research project COSATT focusses on the development of advanced methods to secure freight for truck transport.

Retail Logistics

Food Chain Management (FCM) and Urban Retail Logistics (URL) are research projects of the Retail Logistics.

The aim of the FCM project is the realisation of a concept for food quality assurance along the entire supply chain with the help of information technologies.

URL presents an approach for the efficient logistical recreation of urban supply structures and for individual urban retail concepts.


In the topics of AutoID, we are currently working on five research projects: smaRTI, DyCoNet, IOT-A, RACE network RFID and LokLog. In the center of all activities, there is the vision of the »Internet of Things«. This idea is mainly driven by our institue in charge for the whole Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft.

The developement and implementation of intelligent load units in logistical processes, the establishment of universal software structures in the Internet of Things and the localisation of objects with the help of passive transponders are only a few examples.

Additional information about our research concerning AutoID technologies can be found on the Homepage of the


Packaging logistics


Nearly every company has to pack its goods for a save transport to the customers. Therefor it has to be decided, how much different packagings should be used. Diversification of products and increasing automatical handling lead to more and more complex situations. The result is a volume loss along the whole supply chain.

The optimization of the packaging variety leads to a conflict of aims: A high number of different packaging options on the one hand reduces the volume loss, but leads on the other hand to more complex logistics due to purchasing, capital employed and storage costs.

To solve this conflict, the research project »repac«  developed a method, to generate a transparent model of the problem with all its economical components. This allows to identify the optimal packaging range.


The research project »COSATT« focusses on advanced methods for the securing the freight of truck transports. In the project funded by the European Union, Fraunhofer IML participates with its long-time experience in this theme. The main task of the project is to enhance the security in truck transports.


Retail logistics

Research project "Food Chain Management" 

Secure and high-quality foods are in the focus of the consumers and play a essential role in the competitive environment of the food industrie. Existent analyse technologie is today only used sporadically, analyse information is often not send together with the goods. Mobile, cheap and fast analyse techologie would be very helpfull, but many companies today do not know, which analyse options are already available. Aim of the research project Food Chain Managementis besides the developement of new technologies also the generation of an IT-system to merge information about requirements and possible technologies along the Food Chain.

Urban Retail Logistics

Urban supply optimization is getting more and more in the focus of the retailers. Future retail concepts have to consider key requirements in urban areas such as an increase of restrictions and a rising number of individual customer preferences. To reallize efficient logistical concepts we started the research project "Urban Retail Logistics" together with our partners.