From research to industrial application

The identification of objects such as machines, components, packaging and loading equipment plays an important role when automating processes and accelerating information distribution. At the Fraunhofer IML we develop customised autoID concepts and deliver solutions for deployment in industry. We achieve this by using mature technologies (barcode, RFID, localisation) to enable quick implementation.

Our expertise is a dynamic, innovative and creative approach towards providing suitable solutions – our know-how is based on various fields of knowledge: We are IT scientists, logisticians, engineers and economists. This close interdisciplinary collaboration creates a team of independent experts in the field of tomorrow’s logistics.

  AutoID Application Engineering
  Performance tests determine usability

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  AutoID Processes and Strategies
  Beratung auf Basis aktueller Forschung
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   AutoID Software Engineering
   Den Informationsfluss synchronisieren
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   AutoID Pilot Applications
   Im Praxistest: Entwicklungen auf dem Prüfstand
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   AutoID and Internet of Things Research
   Innovationen in Kooperation mit der Industrie
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   Experimentierfeld für die Logistik der Zukunft
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   Transparenz durch intelligente Ladungsträger
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