Packaging logistics in the manufacturing industry and retail

In logistics an optimal packaging is of existential relevance: Nearly every product has to be packed and transported during the course of its product engineering process. The increasing effects of globalization with its complex distribution networks enhance this development as well.

Both in manufacturing industry and in retail, identification of the packaging with the help of modern autoID-technology plays a key role. The correlation of those aspects makes us your competent partner for your enterprise-specific questions.

Our interdisciplinary team of logistic experts, computer scientists and economists provides you competent and solution-orientated support for your project, e.g. by optimizing your packaging system, reorganizing your retail-logistical processes or introducing an autoID-system with RFID or barcodes. Let us not only draw up the common concept but also implement it directly! Trust in our neutral expertise!

Packaging –  a cross-section through logistics in industry and retail