Transport, Warehousing, Handling


The in-plant transport, including its load transfers to production facilities, mostly depicts a highly time-consuming and labour-intensive part of daily operating schedule. Big rationalisation potentials can be unlocked through well-directed automation of transport processes by flexible conveying means. We’ll design the optimal material flow for your operations and determine the most economical degree of automation according to your requirements.


By an extensive material flow analysis we evaluate the warehouse systems available in market in regard to their suitability for your requirements. We explore the market’s most economical solution, from high bay warehouses to small, dynamic warehouse units. Should there be no suitable systems available, we’ll develop an individual warehouse concept considering economical constraints, from planning through engineering to implementation and start-up at your premises.


By means of handling systems, transport, transshipment and warehouse functions can be automated in consideration of nearly any given application. Grippers, which are specially designed for a certain sequence of operations while equipped with exchangeable devices, offer a large multitude of functions for almost any case of operation. In this context we analyse actual courses of movements at your premises and optimise the material flow surrounded in order to develop an integrated concept.