Our Services

We analyse your material flow and deduce potential savings and automation potentials from the won results. During the following conceptual phase we systematically develop solutions, which get evaluated in regard to their feasibility and economic efficiency. In extensive market analyses we further check possible applications for the given task. In case marketable systems turn out to be the best solution, the requirements get defined in a requirement specifications as base for a call for tender. Otherwise, if a new development will lead to target, our experienced engineers will deal with this task. Possible test runs dedicated to minimize development risks and furthermore manufacturing procedures of special components are performed in our own laboratories and machine shops. Our profile gets completed by analyzing existing systems and providing expert opinions and acceptance procedures as well.

As the described work packages are handled in our institute, we’re able to ensure a short operation time. In this context project teams will be put together by professionals of the addressed specialist divisions.

Overview of services by department Machines and Facilities

  • development, engineering, and realization of material flow systems and handling systems → MultiShuttle
  • technical analysis, design and logistics consulting
  • accomplishment of technical market analyses and patent researches, acceptance procedures, availability tests
  • prototype construction, special engineering in our own machine shops → Rotary Sorter
  • providing technical specifications, requirement specifications, functional specifications and tender documents
  • component testing / system checks
  • expert opinions, potential analyses, weak point analyses