Intralogistics and -IT Planning

Order Picking with a System

Successful planning using components

Order picking – the heart of all logistics centres – and the “production” of supply contracts contribute greatly to the competitiveness of a company. Goal-oriented planning to determine the right order picking systems is necessary for meeting both internal and external performance and quality requirements.

It is very challenging for a company to select the right order picking system because the market is flooded with systems and vendors and it is almost impossible to have an overview of what is available. 

Fraunhofer IML’s team of experts has a user-friendly and practical solution to this problem: They developed a system for structuring and selecting an order picking system based on individual components that makes the planning and selection process more transparent and systematic. The search for the right order picking system is much easier as a result! The team relied on data and interviews with experts, vendors, and users of order picking systems to ensure that the system is practically relevant and realistic!

More Efficiency for your warehouse!

We will support you in the selection, planning, and restructuring of order picking systems.