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Returns Management

Results of the Market Study »The Processing of Returns at Logistics Centres«

Recently, we successfully completed our market study on the processing of returns at logistics centres. The goal of the study was to find out how companies are processing returns within their company, what rules and guidelines customers have to follow, and how many items are currently being returned. An extensive questionnaire was used to determine the current state of the technology at more than 50 companies. The focus of the questionnaire was on differentiating between offline and online sales. The study also examined other aspects such as the efficiency of the processing, the handling of the returned items, and how the returned items were put back into storage.

The study showed that the processing times for returns were too slow at most companies at an average of 5 days.

The companies that participated in the study also demonstrated a high degree of goodwill for the acceptance period for returns. More than a quarter of the participants took goods back more than two years after they had been delivered. Legally, the deadline for returning an item is usually a maximum of 30 days.

In order to ensure that the results were not industry specific, the companies selected to participate in the study were from different product areas such as the automotive industry, electronics industry, fashion industry, retail market, logistics service providers, and the food and pharmaceutical industry. Participants were also selected based on their sales revenues to ensure diversity.

The market study is also useful to companies who want to analyse their in-house processes and see how they compare with their competition in the market. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in learning more about the results of the study.