Intralogistics and -IT Planning


What is PUZZLE?

Based on the data of customer and shipping orders completed by the master data for articles, loading and transport means, PUZZLE automatically determines how each article should be arranged in the loading and transport units. The user may choose from a variety of stacking and loading regulations according to the task at hand.

Which regulations?

PUZZLE helps to optimally utilize the volume of the loading means based on the dimensions of the packages or complete unit loads. Optimization criteria can be the weight or information about the sensitivity or stackability.

Integration or stand-alone?

A desktop version of this software is available for all common Microsoft Windows operating systems. In addition to this, PUZZLE can also be integrated into a warehouse management system as a „Black-Box“ application.

Why automatically generating unit loads?

The automatic generation of unit loads is a prerequisite for the optimization and targeted control of handling, transshipping and transport processes along the material flow. After the calculation PUZZLE automatically generates an illustrated instruction list for the staff in the picking and shipping departments.

What is the benefit?

The optimized calculation performed by PUZZLE offers three main benefits:

  • Time savings
  • Reduced costs by minimized loading and shipping units
  • Exactness, planning security

Who helps?

Fraunhofer IML offers consulting and support for customized applications of PUZZLE, during the set-up and training.