Scientific Research

Research project in the department Information Logistics and Assistance Systems

In the sense of technological change, new research opportunities are constantly emerging. The "Department of Information Logistics and Assistance Systems" has specialized in the field of logistic assistance systems (LAS) and develops innovative possibilities to master the complexity of information logistics.

In the following you will find information about the current research projects.


LegoLAs is a planning assistance system that depicts the cyber-physical production and logistics modules of a production plant. As the virtual twin of the plant, a wide variety of scenarios in production can be simulated and evaluated.


This project is concerned with automated contracting between machines.


The project explores the areas of Cyber-Physical-Systems (CPS) and Internet of Things (IoT) in manufacturing processes in order to develop a "One-Stop-Shop" of services.


Implementation of smart services, innovative service offerings and automated business processes. To create a secure data room that enables companies to manage their data assets with confidence.