collaborative compliance

Together for compliance

The challenge

The increasing digitalization of processes in logistics and production confronts many companies with the challenge of creating legally compliant processes. This includes the requirement to apply the extensive laws and ISO standards in a compliant manner within the company. Especially within the supply chain of a company or several partners, numerous challenges arise. Particularly with regard to compliance aspects such as data integrity, the conditional trust within value-added networks is a major problem. Evidence-based verification often proves to be a further source of error, since compliance along the supply chain is often not processed in digital form. This creates the challenge of making the right data available to the right partner at the right time, and especially in the right quality.


Our  vision

The vision of collaborative compliance is the consistent compliance of companies along the supply chain and the automation of processes based on smart contracts and collaboration technologies such as distributed ledger technology (DLT). The use of these technologies enables a secure and transparent verification of compliance data in production networks and supply chains, since regulatory and contractual verification documents can be exchanged with authorization and, in addition, complete traceability of compliance is guaranteed.